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Hello and welcome to the first of our Daily Hemp & CBD news. Today in the first edition of Daily Hemp & CBD News I would like to start by introducing myself. I am James Laborn CEO of Nurture Leaf Inc. We are are small family based company based out of Ocala Florida with a few satellite locations. I have a lifelong dream and personal commitment to spread the knowledge and experience of the simply amazing Hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa.  May …

In Florida, Those who have a Hemp Food Permit officially allowed to sell Cannabis Sativa “Hemp” in stores.

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill the production and sales of Hemp has been once again aproved by the US governement. Now all adults 21 and over can legally obtain safe Hemp derived CBD, THC, and other cannabinols. And Amazing Organically grown and responsibly harvested and cured beautiful smokable Hemp flower that is 100% federally legal. Curabitur magna diam, sagittis ac enim ut, pharetra cursus neque. Ut cursus, sem sed aliquet ullamcorper, ipsum nibh facilisis ex, id euismod …
Forms of CBD Ingestion

Modren Research of Different Types of CBD

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